Friday, March 15, 2013

Workout Snacks - Post Workout

This is article 2 of the exercising snack series with a better examine post exercising food. The content of your food is a lot of vital than what you're truly feeding. although it's very a breakfast kind food, it's still an honest item when exercise if it's the carbohydrates, supermolecule and fat that your body desires. attempt a number of these.

1. No Flourpancakes: These area unit pancakes of a unique vogue. combine along ½ cup polished oats, ½ cup farmer's cheese, 1/4 tsp leaven, four egg whites and ½ tsp flavoring. As always, skip the sweetening (too abundant sugar) and use recent fruit instead.

2. Beef associated squash: Cook up some lean joint (drain fat) and mix it with an equal quantity of grilled butternut squash.

3. Tuna: produce a tuna saladusing a will of tuna, ¼ cup Miracle Whip and a few diced pickles. Eat it with some whole grain insane.

4. Bagels: Whole grain bun filled with a pair of arduous poached eggs is straightforward to require to the gymnasium and eat the means home. counting on your desires, you'll skip the fixings to avoid the cholesterin.

5. Chocolate milk: 2 cups of milk (low fat) can provide you with a 3:1 carbs to supermolecule magnitude relation that is right.

6. Apples and cheddar: Apple slices and a stick of low fat cheese.

7. path mix: you'll create your own by visiting the majority section at a food market or obtain one that's pre-made. There area unit variations on this you wish to observe out for. feeding one with lots of chocolate M&Ms is maybe not a good plan.

8. Cereal: Whole grain cereal like cold cereal oats is my favorite particularly with blackberries and raspberries value-added. Use milk to avoid high fat content.

9. fresh house Cheese: Same plan as eight. however add a cup of farmer's cheese rather than milk, one tsp honey and a few cinnamon.

10. Egg Muffin: Saw this one a web site. crumpet filled with a full egg, spinach, cheese, and a slice of bacon.

11. Rice Cakes: Some folks use {peanut howeverter|spread|paste} but my mate likes almond butter instead and a few raspberry jam.

12. pocket bread and humus: quick digesting carbs for this one employing a whole wheat pocket bread and 2 spoonfuls of hummus.

13. Chicken: prepare some chicken on the bbq and slice it up. i will be able to eat it with grilled rice along as a chicken-fried-rice bowl with value-added peas and peppers and barely of vegetable oil for the great fats.

14. BCAA Shake: For people who area unit sold  on the advantages of BCAA over supermolecule, you'll combine it with no matter liquid you prefer however a sports drink can provide you with the electrolytes and easy carbohydrates you wish additionally. Rice cakes can provides a advanced sugar for the longer timeframe for digestion.

15. supermolecule Shakes: This was lined in article ONE however it's far and away the foremost in style version of post exercising meal. simple to require with you to the gymnasium and consume like a shot subsequently.


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