Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CrossFit Exercise Series TWO - Upper Body

This is series 2 of the crossfit exercise articles. Series ONE was on legs and abs and this text can cowl higher body work. All except the last crossfit exercise use weight solely however you'll add weight if you discover them too straightforward. The last one involves a ascension rope.

Start along with your|along with your} body on top of a bar with your arms straight vertical. Bend your arms; lower your body till your shoulders drop below your elbow. Straighten your arms back to vertical. constant method may be done exploitation athletics rings.

This is the primary half the muscle up exercise. begin from a dangling position together with your arms straight. Pull up till your chin is over the bar. Variations:
Strict - no swinging allowed
Kipping - momentum wont to assist you end the movement
Weighted - further weight adorned  from a belt around your waist
Chest to bar - the ending purpose is that the chest at the bar
Jumping - legs ar wont to facilitate arise
Assisted - AN elastic device or weight machine helps complete the movement

Another robust crossfit exercise that is common to Bar Brothers: Hanging from a bar, pull up and over the bar therefore your arms ar straight and your hands ar below your hips. constant method may be done exploitation athletics rings.

From a plank position together with your arms straight, lower your body till the chest contacts the bottom. Keep your body straight and block up to the plank position. Variations ar plentiful:
Diamond - forefingers and thumbs kind a diamond form below your chest
Weighted - a plate placed on shoulder blades or a weighted vest worn
Incline - hands ar on the next object sort of a bench, athletics rings, etc.
BOCU ball - feet on the ball and hands on the ground
Different heights - alternate one hand on a medication ball, the opposite on the ground. Roll the ball back and forth from hand handy for every push up
Hindu - face down bridge, chest to floor and continue through till hips ar at floor level and head is up high
Spider - One hand additional forward than the top, the opposite additional back. Walk feet forward and alter that hand is forward for next push up.

Handstand push-up
For crossfit exercise, this one is TOUGH: come in a gymnastic exercise together with your heels resting against a wall for balance. Bend your arms till your head touches the bottom, and so block up to a gymnastic exercise. Avoid bowed your back.

Rope climb
From the bottom, climb a rope while not exploitation your feet for support and bit some extent at a given height. Variations: embody feet and L-sit whereas ascension


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